Green Deal / Eco Specialists                               

Gas Weiss are approved Green Deal installers and specialists in design and installation of gas Eco systems.

The Green Deal is the new government scheme to have began on February 2013.

Eligible households can get free funding towards new heating systems, as well as other household energy elements, whereas repayments are made through the usual electricity and gas bills.

Eligibility is determined by assessing whether the energy savings derived from using the proposed new systems, are great enough so that the proposed lower energy bills will remain at the same level or lower when they include the loan repayments too.

How does it work?

- We will send a Green Deal Assessor to you property
- The assessor will assess your current heating system and any further potential for energy saving
- The assessment will indicate whether your household is eligible for Green Deal funding
- When your eligibility is confirmed, we will install the new systems and deal with all the necessary paperwork

To arrange a Green-Deal-Assessment call: 020 8209 0785